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Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
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Welcome to the website of the Aerospace States Association, and thank you for your interest in the future of aviation and aerospace in America.  As the chair of ASA and the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, I’ve seen firsthand the tremendous importance of these industries, from defense to transportation to engineering and education.  Now more than ever we need allies and advocates who share ASA’s passion for American leadership in the skies and space.

The aerospace industry is the engine that defends our nation, provides Americans with good, family-supporting jobs, and drives our economy.  Plus, the aerospace industry contributes about $120 billion in export sales, resulting in the largest trade surplus of any manufacturing industry in the U.S.

For more than a century, America has been on the forefront of aviation and aerospace innovation. From the first flight to landing on the moon to today’s endeavors like commercial travel to space and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in military and commercial contexts, aerospace in America is a rapidly changing industry that has revolutionized our culture. Our states are significant contributors to building on these advances for the benefit of our companies and citizens.

In Wisconsin, we know the power of aviation and aerospace.  Our researchers at world-class universities are developing cutting-edge new technologies.  Our students are graduating into rewarding careers in science, math, and management.  Our companies’ production and exports are surging across the aerospace supply chain.  And through our partnerships across government, industry, and education, we are growing only stronger.

That sort of energy and entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in states across this country thanks to the members of ASA.  On behalf of my colleague lieutenant governors and our corporate and academic partners, we welcome you to join with us as together we strengthen this cornerstone of America’s economic and military might.    -Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, ASA Chair​


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